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AVIO is uniquely positioned to bring together the latest robust technologies to design world-class secure, easy to use software and hardware solutions for all types of aircraft. With extensive experience in software and hardware, our innovative solutions maximise the efficiency of aircraft and their crew.

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What our customers say about avio


We needed a system that would not only deliver the immediate requirements of our Class 2 EFB project, but also provide a platform on which we could plan and add further functionalities in the future. Although we had some unique requirements, the Aviovision team worked closely with us and a variety of third party software suppliers, and managed to successfully deliver the integrated, flexible and scalable solution we needed.
Phil Ganewski, Manager Flight Support - Thomson Airways
Aviobook is extremely robust, user friendly and one of the most comprehensive EFB suites in the market. The advanced user interface and the embedded workflow elements allow our flight crews to work more efficiently. The integration with our back-office systems also allows us to enhance productivity and present an ideal platform for future growth, especially in a multi-base operation.
Captain M. Ahmed, Director of Operations - Air Arabia
Air Greenland has selected Aviobook because of its flexibility which matches our need to adapt to the sometimes difficult and extreme operational environment in which we are operating, and provides us with an ideal future platform completely integrated with our existing back-office systems which will allow us to further increase our operational efficiency.
Morten Nielsen, COO - Air Greenland
Aviobook provides reduced workload for our pilots as well as both safety and financial benefits. Our demanding route structure and operational environment requires a tailored and robust EFB solution. We are happy that our cooperation with Aviobook provided us with this.
Helge Anonsen, Deputy Director of Flight Operations and EFB administrator - Widerøe

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