Teambuilding AVIO - Pilot for one day

What would it be like to be able to fly like a bird and to float from one place to another? Just spread your wings, free as a bird, surrounded by the murmur of the wind ...

Well, that is what our AVIO team has experienced last Thursday and Friday at our team building event in Hasselt. The whole AVIO team flew a glider, the sport where the dream of flying like a bird and technique meet.

It was an amazing experience and the team had a lot of fun!

You can check out all of the pictures on our Facebook page:


AVIO Conference @ Shanghai, China

Last week our AVIO team was in Shanghai because we've organised a one-day AVIO Conference for our Asian customers and prospects. We want to thank all of our attendees and especially Mr. Le Gall (Hong Kong Airlines) and Mr. Shi (China Eastern) who gave an insightful presentation on the implementation of our software or hardware products in their airlines.

The 5th China Aviation New Technology Forum also took place that week where we presented the power of an integrated, connected and secure aircraft operations solution.