AvioBook offers a next generation Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution for the flight crew, with flexibility to match each airline's unique operational requirements.


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Other software applications


AvioCabin is a fast, native and user-friendly application which will make cabin operations run like clockwork.

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AvioConnect is a secure communication application that improves the communication between different stakeholders around the aircraft to decrease turnaround times and make workflows more efficient.

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AvioTech enables pilots, Mechanics, MCC and Cabin Crew to review the status of the aircraft, report defects, review open and deferred defects , …

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AVIOSYSTEMS is our complete Hardware Solutions for your airline which include Tablets (Avionics grade or COTS, iOS/Windows), Mount/Power installation, Aircraft interface Device (AID), Connectivity means and related Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). AVIOSYSTEMS is extremely flexible and scalable and can be installed on most of aircraft platforms. AVIOSYSTEMS will allow your airline to move to the next generation of EFBs and eEnable aircraft to optimize your operations .

Thales Pad

The Thales Pad is an EFB Tablet that is mobile and connected, combining the best of the consumer electronics and avionics worlds.

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Dock & Fly System

The Dock & Fly System is a smart and evolutive cradle solution for commercial tablets that enables you to safely use your tablet EFB, whenever needed.

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Mounting & Power Installation

Avionics grade docking station with contacts for power and data that results in less cable wear and tears in the cockpit. Two different mounting solutions to adapt to your cockpit.

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Aircraft Interface Device (AID)

Retrieve avionics data by the Aircraft Interface Device to extend the capabilities of your Electronic Flight Bag.

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