4 Modules

My Flights

The Flights module provides a clear timeline with an overview of the planned flights for the logged in user.



In the Briefing module, the user can review the most relevant information for the flight. Via the Flightbox, cabin crew can access important messages or documents.


The aircraft module contains all aircraft manuals and company documents. The list of folders and the documents ar managed by the airline itself. 


Using the Reports module, cabin crew can digitally complete all required reports. Filled out reports are stored on our AvioBook Base, that way it’s easy to access them for review.



Userfriendly & intuitive design.

The AVIOBOOK Cabin application is designed with the workflow of the cabin crew in mind. It’s design is also based on feedback from actual cabin crew.




Focused on providing the crew with the most up to date information.

Some important documents for pilots can also be of interest for the cabin crew. With this application, it takes no further efforts on the ground to extend the distribution of briefing information to the cabin crew. The Cabin application is thus focused on providing crew with the most up to date information on passengers, catering, flight ... 

Reduced paper on board.

A digital library and digital reports means that paper manuals no longer need to be distributed to the cabin crew and that paper reports can’t get lost anymore.

More Info?

If you would like some more information about our AVIOBOOK Cabin application , we will be happy to demonstrate our cabin app.

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