AVIOBOOK Tech Functionalities:

  • Add, consult & manage defect(s) reported on a specific aircraft
  • Consult validity of conducted checks and perform checks & servicing
  • Full historical overview of the technical status of aircraft
  • Consult aircraft specific documents


2 modules:

  • AIRCRAFT: It allows the mechanic to search for and select an aircraft
  • TECHLOG: It provides access to defects, checks, servicing and documents related to the aircraft

Our Techlog to serve all of the stakeholders

For Mechanics:

AVIOBOOK Tech application

For pilots:

Techlog module in AvioBook application

For Cabin Crew:

Techlog module in AVIOBOOK Cabin application

For MCC:

Fully integrated in AVIOBOOK Base

Improved turn-around time

Every minute gained in the treatment of a defect will be a minute of delay saved. You don’t need to fetch the paper logbook anymore, defects are submitted as soon as the captain digitally signs the technical log.

Reduced Human Errors

No more handwriting reduces the human errors that led to wrong repair operations. More accurate information improves regulatory compliance.

Seamless Integrations

Just like the AvioBook EFB application, AVIOBOOK Tech is connected to the mid-office system. The Techlog module will be fully integrated with your maintenance information system. Data can be exchanged with other modules to have the same reliable data.

More Info?

If you would like some more information about our AVIOBOOK Tech application, we will be happy to demonstrate our application & modules for pilots, mechanics, MCC and Cabin Crew.

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