Mounting & Power Installation

The Mounting & Power solution is an evolutive system which enables you to securely mount your current and future EFB and provides it of power during all flight phases. The AVIO Mounting Solution was designed to accomodate most common EFB tablets today and in the future with  no impact on STC. Indeed, consumer tablets are involving quickly, in terms of shape, voltage supply… much faster than your willingness to modify the Supplemental Type Certificate.


Mounting Solution adapted to your cockpits

Our Mounting solution is designed by Aeroconseil and fully customised to the AVIO products. For a clean cockpit installation, it’s integrated with power and data busses and designed with very few visible wires. The Mounting system is compatible with night stop installations and is delivered with EASA Form 1.

Two different versions to adapt to all cockpits

Ball Version for A320,  A330, B777, E170 & 190

Screw system to adjust the orientation of the tablet.
Easy switch from portrait to landscape orientation.

Compact Version for ATR, CRJ, B737 & E145

Internal adaptive piece to limit tablet stroke and adapt orientation possibilities to each aircraft type

More info?

If you would like some more information about our Mounting & Power system, we will be happy to demonstrate it to you.

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