Aeronautical database

The Aeronautical Database is an essential piece of modern avionics to prepare or plan a flight. This data needs to be maintained and updated very often to ensure safety of the flight. The availability of the data is critical for airline operations and thus impact expected revenues of the airline.

The aeronautical database is a digital service where AVIOBOOK produces electronic content and delivers it, every 28 days, through a digital supply chain monitored by performance indicators to ensure the timelines and quality of the service expected by our customers.

On top of the digital distribution of the database, AVIOBOOK has developed a suite of tools, which allow the customer to customise its own data, based on experience and feedback from operations. Our goal is to provide the best solution to sustain the digital change of our customers and to operate and maintain their aircraft.

Aeronautical databases are currently available for the Sukhoi Superjet 100, ATR–600 series and Sikorsky S-76D platforms.


Watch the video about Database content

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Benefits of our Aeronautical databases

  • 24/7 customer support including automatic notifications of alerts
  • Electronic delivery of database updates and associated documentation through secured internet portal
  • Approved DO-200A / ED76 compliance

AVIOBOOK also offers Airline Modifiable Information (AMI) for commercial aircraft by online customisation of Flight Management System software parameters and Automatic creation of AMI master files that can be instantly accessed at any time.

Content delivery platform

The AvioBook Data content delivery platform is the infrastructure component that collects, cleanses, structures, enhances and stores both the internal and externally sourced data before delivery to individual airline customers.

Being cloud based and geo-spatially enabled, the platform provides dynamic horizontally scalability to accommodate peak demands for the distinct AvioBook Base instances connecting to it.

Business intelligence

With the AvioBook Data Business Intelligence service, airline operational data collected from AvioBook as well as other sources can be integrated into near-real time reports and dashboards, hereby offering both operational staff and management the insights into daily and long-term operational performance and efficiency.