AvioBook Integrations

AvioBook Integrations is a dedicated group of highly experienced software developers focusing entirely on the agile systems integration of your back-end systems with the AvioBook Suite.

Starting from a portfolio of standard system adapters they will add your airline’s specific workflow as well as any custom system you want AvioBook to integrate with into the solution. All components and artefacts are duly versioned and stored, and the teams automatic build and test environment ensures continued compatibly with your systems and processes. The AvioBook Integrations team delivers its artefacts to the AvioBook Operations team for further deployment on test and operational environments.

Examples of systems commonly integrated are:

  • Inbound: Crew and Flight scheduling, Flight Planning, Crew briefing portals, local weather sources, Passenger booking and boarding systems, Departure Control System (DCS), maintenance information systems, user directories such as Active Directory,
  • Outbound: Resource management systems, Safety Management Systems, reporting systems, enterprise services buses & data warehouse, finance systems

With AvioBook Integrations the existing workflow gets seamlessly extended into a fully digital experience for all stakeholders.