All your flight data within reach

A game-changing information management tool for
operations centers and dispatchers.

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The all-in-one aircraft management tool

Monitor and manage all data going to the pilot’s EFB as well
as cabin and ground crew devices.

Manage everything with one touch

Easily administer, update and manage aircraft users,
devices, fleet and content. User privileges ensure maximum security and privacy.

Follow up flight data

Monitor all operational data through a user-friendly
timeline. All operational data flowing between devices is stored, providing a unique digital archive of your entire operations.

Share live updates with the crew

Add documents, messages and live weather data to the
flight briefing. Stay connected with the crew at all times through notifications and reports!

Monitor technical status

Never lose sight of your aircraft’s technical status. Manage aircraft configurations and ensure maximum safety via Tech by Aviobook.

Go for the total package with
our Software Suite

Everything you need to simplify every phase of flight operations. Unlock access to all data
whenever you need it and stay connected every step of the way.

  • Fully integrated
  • Connected 24/7
  • Fully secure

We’ve got you covered

Our total aircraft management system contains 7 AvioBook
modules specially adapted for dispatchers.


Overview of the EFB and the flights or
tasks coming up. Pilots can download
and select their leg, update EFB content
and view incoming notifications.


Interactive map with an overview of the
route as well as weather and airport
information. Handy flight level and flight
time sliders help you plan ahead.


All your devices conveniently managed
in one place. Administer info for devices
including the software, battery, and


Check out and manage the notifications for
active flights. Effortlessly communicate
important information to everyone on


Each flight has its own inbox and message
manager, making it easy to keep track of
communications. It’s never been so easy to
keep in touch!


View and manage reports for the pilot and
crew. Live alerts for missing info ensure that
nothing can fall through the cracks.


Fully digitized repository for PDF, HTML and
XML documents. Easily access and
manage valuable information for all flights.

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