Help your cabin crew rule
the sky

Maximize your cabin crew’s operational efficiency with our
user-friendly application.

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Connect everyone around the flight

Information flows seamlessly from one person to the next for
an unparalleled level of operational performance.

Share information in real time

Cabin lets pilots easily circulate valuable briefing documents beyond the cockpit. Cabin crew members instantly access up-to-date passenger, catering and flight information.

Go paperless on board

Paper manuals and reports are a thing of the past. Replaced by digital documents that are quickly accessible to all who need it and impossible to lose.

Review & complete reports

For crew members on the go, a way to easily consult important documents at home or on board. Digital reports are produced within minutes via the Cabin app!

Go for the total package with
our Software Suite

Everything you need to simplify every phase of flight operations. Unlock access to all data
whenever you need it and stay connected every step of the way.

  • Fully integrated
  • Connected 24/7
  • Fully secure

We’ve got you covered

Our total aircraft management system contains 7 AvioBook
modules specially adapted for dispatchers.


Each user has access to a timeline with
an overview of their planned flights.
Clear and concise, everything you need.


Readily consult data from your flight
planning provider, displayed in an
organized way. Accessible 24/7.


The cabin crew completes and
generates reports in a snap. Easily
forward or export report data for
analysis and stay ahead.


Aircraft manuals and company
documents are always at your
fingertips. User-friendly, just the way
you like it.

Integrate with our hardware

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