Perform the right repairs, right on time

Our fully digitized technical logbook helps maintenance
operators repair defects. Fast and accurate.

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The paperless wonder for maintenance operators

Instant access to detailed defect reports guarantees faster
turnaround time and fewer errors.

Save time and avoid delays

Every minute gained in the treatment of a defect is a minute saved. No more need to fetch a paper logbook. Defects are submitted the moment the captain digitally signs the technical log.

Consult reported defects on the fly

Add, manage and consult defects reported on a
specific aircraft. Verify validity, perform due checks,
and consult a historical overview of the technical status.

Eliminate human error

Say goodbye to deciphering scrawled handwriting,
risking wrong repairs. You can count on accurate
information, improving regulatory compliance.

Go for the total package with
our Software Suite

Everything you need to simplify every phase of flight operations. Unlock access to all data
whenever you need it and stay connected every step of the way.

  • Fully integrated
  • Connected 24/7
  • Fully secure

We’ve got you covered

This secure and connected application consists of 2 modules connecting maintenance operators to pilots and crew.


Complete log of defects, checks, servicing and documents related to the aircraft. Exchange data with other modules
so everyone has the same reliable data.


Easy overview so mechanics can easily search for and select an aircraft. Start treating defects before the airplane
has even landed!

Integrate with our hardware

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