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The Aviobook is a user-friendly Electronic Flight Bag software solution. It is not just an EFB, but a comprehensive aircraft operations suite designed for use across a variety of platforms, online and offline, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, iPads and cockpit-installed units.

Welcome to the future of flying!


All tasks in 1 app

Whether you are a pilot, dispatcher or cabin crew member, Aviobook is the go-to app for all your tasks at hand.

real time data exchange

Real time data exchange between ground ops, pilots, dispatchers and cabin crew for more efficiency.

Digital Aircraft Operations

Reduce cost and increase asset utilisation by digitizing aircraft processes.

Fully Integrated

We integrate seamlessly with your existing backoffice and IT infrastructure.

All phases of flight

All information at your fingertips, even if you are not connected during flight.

Enhanced Content

Smart attachments and live weather data dynamically added to your flight package.

Aviobook in Numbers

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The Aviobook Electronic Flight Bag offers all functions for your duties as a pilot, from pre-flight until landing.

Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew

The cabin crew uses Aviobook to receive flight briefings, passenger lists and fill out reports. Accurate information, better service, happier passengers.



With Aviobook Base dispatchers can release flight plans, attach documents and tailor messages to both pilots & cabin crew.

Ground Handlers

Ground staff

Our centralized load planning system enables ground staff to accurately plan and service aircraft in a minimum of time.



A complete and user-friendly application for a seamless and efficient flight preparation + follow-up. Available on iPad and Windows.

Electronic Flight Folder (EFF)
  • A complete digital flight folder at your fingertips
  • Color-coded weather & NOTAMS
  • Dynamic flight attachments
  • Fuel ordering features
  • Interactive nav log & digital journey log
  • Live dynamic weather layers & active SIGMETS on a globe
Performance & Weight/Balance
  • Upload or calculation of weight & balance for all airplane types
  • Integration with a ground (centralized) load planning system
  • Integrated calculation of takeoff and landing performance
Integration with leading chart providers
  • Dynamic route exchange
  • Automatic selection of departure and arrival airports
Documents & Reports
  • Embedded document reader linked to a document management system
  • Flexible reports for easy data collection

Pilots + Maintenance operators

  • Add, manage & consult defect(s) reported on a specific aircraft
  • Consult validity of conducted checks & perform due checks
  • Full historical overview of the technical status
  • Consult aircraft specific documents

Cabin Crew

The Aviobook Cabin application enables you to share valuable information that pilots have access to with crew members outside of the cockpit. Some important documents for pilots can also be of interest for the cabin crew. With this application, it takes no further effort on the ground to extend the distribution of briefing information to the cabin crew

  • My flights
  • Detailed flight briefing
  • Library & Reports
  • Receive rule-based messages & attachments
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For airline operation centers we offer Aviobook Base, a comprehensive software suite which allows OCC staff and dispatchers to create, enrich and manage the electronic flight folder (EFF).

This powerful web-based application also allows to manage and monitor all data going the pilot's EFBs or cabin and ground crew devices. Don't worry about integrations with your existing airline systems, it's done.

  • Follow-up flight data through a user-friendly timeline
  • Add rule based documents, messages and live weather data to the flight briefing
  • Interact with the crew through notifications and reports
  • Interact with the crew & monitor reports
  • Get alarms when data is incomplete or not correct
  • Manage aircraft configurations, users and devices
  • Review, export and analyse historical flight data
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Ground Staff

Our ground staff application offers centralized load control (CLC), intuitive load distribution and real time data feed to ground handling and pilots. Integrations include passenger reservation systems, gate control and fuel ordering.

  • Plan mail and cargo on flights
  • Distribute bags and load in aircraft compartments
  • Prepare loading instruction & send loading report (LDM)
  • Send real time data to pilot's EFB for weight & balance
  • Share dispatcher's or pilot's fuel orders with fueling staff
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Cabin Crew
Maintenance Operators

The future is about connecting people in real-time with each other. That's why we've launched Aviobook Connect to integrate different actors around the aircraft to decrease the turnaround time and make workflows more efficient.

  • Dedicated, secured flightrooms as chatrooms
  • Linked with Aviobook Base for flight schedules
  • Access control for administrators
  • Auto-generated system messages

Learn how Aviobook can improve your operations and feel free to ask us for a webex. We'll be happy to answer all of your questions.

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  • Aviobook is extremely robust, user friendly and one of the most comprehensive EFB suites in the market. The advanced user interface and the embedded workflow elements allow our flight crews to work more efficiently. The integration with our back-office systems also allows us to enhance productivity and present an ideal platform for future growth, especially in a multi-base operation.

    Captain M. Ahmed, Director of Operations - Air Arabia
  • Air Greenland has selected Aviobook because of its flexibility which matches our need to adapt to the sometimes difficult and extreme operational environment in which we are operating, and provides us with an ideal future platform completely integrated with our existing back-office systems which will allow us to further increase our operational efficiency.

    Morten Nielsen, COO - Air Greenland
  • Aviobook provides reduced workload for our pilots as well as both safety and financial benefits. Our demanding route structure and operational environment requires a tailored and robust EFB solution. We are happy that our cooperation with Aviobook provided us with this.

    Helge Anonsen, Deputy Director of Flight Operations and EFB administrator - Widerøe
  • We needed a system that would not only deliver the immediate requirements of our Class 2 EFB project, but also provide a platform on which we could plan and add further functionalities in the future. Although we had some unique requirements, the Aviovision team worked closely with us and a variety of third party software suppliers, and managed to successfully deliver the integrated, flexible and scalable solution we needed.

    Phil Ganewski, Manager Flight Support - Thomson Airways
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Aviovision is an originally Belgian company that was acquired by Thales at the end of 2016. It is dedicated to developing highquality, innovative solutions for missioncritical industries such as aviation. We continuously strive to create operational excellence surpassing compliance requirements for flight crew and back-office personnel.

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UX Designer


As a UX Designer, you will be translating user stories to wireframes, designs & prototypes for the different Aviobook applications used by pilots, cabin crew, dispatchers, mechanics, ... You will work closely with our Product Owners to define the requirements based on customer requests and feedback, and you will guide the developers & testers to ensure the experience you envision comes to life.

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Finance & Admin Assistant


For the finance part, you will help smoothing all financial matters by assisting the Finance Manager, for example by preparing reports, planning payments etcetera. Your admin-responsibilites will mainly consist of maintaining and setting up accounts, purchasing licenses and being the first point of contact for IT issues involving suppliers or employees.

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Java Developer


As a Java Developer, you will be developing and deploying our Aviobook Cloud Solution, running on Docker containers and serving as a data hub for our airline customers using our mobile apps. You will work closely with a Product Owner to translate new ideas into code to continuously improve our product line.

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Operations Engineer


You will take part in setting up and maintaining Linux environments with DevOps tools like Ansible and Docker. Cloud providers like Rackspace and AWS should have no secrets for you. You will help identifying and providing solutions for operational challenges with tools like New Relic.

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Support Engineer


You will be working closely with our customers, following up on their questions and reports. You will investigate issues and propose solutions, using our online support platform.

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iOS Developer


You will be working on our Aviobook Crew-apps, used by pilots and cabin crew worldwide to process information and communicate with their operations department. You will work closely with a Product Owner and UX designer to translate new requirements and designs into code to continuously improve our apps.

Full job description Apply!

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