One comprehensive suite, zero limits to your efficiency

We used all our expertise and cutting-edge technology to
give you the works. The power package that gets everyone
flying together.

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We’ve got it all

All the essentials and lots of extras in one connected & integrated suite. Together they will transform the way your airline operates.


For pilots

The integrated EFB solution to optimize pilot

The total solution to streamline tasks in the cockpit and beyond. Kiss paperwork goodbye, strap on your seatbelt and get ready for a fully digitized workflow. Entirely integrated with Base and back-office. Like jet fuel for
your efficiency.

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For dispatchers

The data management tool for OCCs and dispatchers

The key ground component of the Aviobook software
suite. Manage all data going to the pilot’s EFB and crew devices. Keep a constant connection between ground
and flight personnel with easy overviews and live notifications.

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For cabin crew

The app that simplifies the cabin crew’s workflow

We reinvented the way information circulates in the
cabin based on feedback from real cabin crews.
Instantly transfer briefing material from cockpit to crew and generate digital reports in minutes. All reports are stored on Base for easy access.

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For technicians

The time-saving app for maintenance operators

This app makes every minute count for defect
treatments. Maintenance operators receive accurate digital information so they can get on the job without delay. Integrated with Flight, Cabin and Base so
everyone can consult and update.

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For all flight personnel

The secure chat app connecting all aircraft personnel

No more garbled communication or unnecessary mix-
ups. Now all your aircraft personnel is connected in real time via secure chatrooms for each flight. Linked with
Base for flight schedules.

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Integrate with our hardware

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