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All your flight data
within reach

AvioBook Base is a game changing information management tool for dispatchers and OCCs. By keeping the aircraft connected to a server and logging important information, Base improves operational safety.

We've got you covered

All the information you need within reach, integrated with your back-office and tailored to your airline.


Overview of the upcoming flights or tasks.


Are your crew operating a route with specific company procedures? Flightbox is a temporary dynamic library which allows you to automatically push relevant operational procedures or relay info for a specific flight to the right end user. This way everyone has the information they need, when they need it.


Manage all your devices in one place. Configure devices, carry out software updates and more.


Verify and manage the notifications for active flights. Effortlessly communicate important information to everyone on board.


A fully digitized repository to distribute and update files like manuals and other important documents. Easily access and manage valuable information for all flights.


View and manage reports for the crew. Implement live alerts for missing info to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.


Interactive map with an overview of the route as well as weather and airport information. Plan ahead with handy flight level and flight time sliders & track the whole fleet using a combination of ANSP, ADS-B and ACARS data.

Ready for departure?

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